Duddingston Course Guide


1st - Deer Park

Par 5

A good opening hole, usually played downwind. However to reach the green in two, your drive has to be down the right half of the fairway. Otherwise the best plan is to lay up short of the big bunker on the right leaving a pitch up the full length of the green.

495 yds
485 yds
471 yds

Stroke index 8


2nd - Westward Ho'

Par 3

A very demanding par 3. Played into the prevailing wind it requires a very straight long iron shot. Bunker and burn await the shot going left and of you miss on the right hand side you will have a tricky pitch. Be happy with a 3!

170 yds
161 yds
135 yds

Stroke index 11


3rd - Abercorn

Par 4

First of the long par 4’s. The drive should favour the left side of the fairway but watch out for the bunker about 220 yards from the tee. The second shot with a long iron or wood must be kept between the two big bunkers left and right.

413 yds
377 yds
364 yds

Stroke index 6


4th - Death or Glory

Par 5

A lot depends on the wind. Downwind a long hitter can carry the hill and be hitting a short iron – sounds easy! However into the wind you have to decide whether or not to carry the burn in two. The approach to the green must be accurate as the ball is thrown off in all directions.

489 yds
464 yds
436 yds

Stroke index 2


5th - Ditch

Par 4

One of the shorter Par 4’s. Tee shot must hit the fairway – long hitters may hit a long iron or 3 wood to avoid reaching trouble on the left. Watch out for the row of fairway bunkers on the right. Second shot should be aimed left of the hole because of the fiercely sloping green. Try not to leave yourself a downhiller on this green.

338 yds
326 yds
296 yds

Stroke index 17


6th - Burn

Par 3

Good par 3 with long narrow green. The tee shot must carry the bunker at the front of the green. The best bet is to play for the right half of the green, however the dreaded burn awaits the slice.

201 yds
189 yds
128 yds

Stroke index 15


7th - Mansion House

Par 4

The tee shot should favour the left half of the fairway to avoid running into the trees up the right-hand side. The green is a fairly generous target, but your second shot, usually played into the wind, is very deceptive – always hit one extra club here.

381 yds
370 yds
356 yds

Stroke index 4


8th - Gates

Par 5

Most difficult of the par 5’s. Long hitters must lay up short of the burn with the tee shot. The second shot must be left of centre leaving the easiest approach. The green slopes a lot from back to front so don’t be past the pin. A true three shot par 5 so be happy with par.

537 yds
518 yds
446 yds

Stroke index 10


9th - Avenue

Par 4

The tee shot is played between the fairway bunkers. From level with bunkers you have a shot of 100 yards to a big green – the only one on the course without any bunkers. Make sure you are up, as the burn will catch the mis-hit second shot.

321 yds
303 yds
276 yds

Stroke index 13


10th - Capability

Par 3

An elevated tee allows you to see all the trouble! Five big bunkers will catch the tee shot that is short or inaccurate. Hit one extra club as there is no trouble at the back.

185 yds
172 yds
135 yds

Stroke index 12


11th - Woodlands

Par 4

Stroke index 1 and justifiably so. The drive between the trees must hit the fairway to give you a chance of reaching the green in two. Into the prevailing wind most players should play for a five. The approach shot to the green should be left of centre avoiding trees and bunkers. Again, a deceptive approach with a lot of dead ground in front of the green.

443 yds
421 yds
392 yds

Stroke index 1


12th - Village

Par 4

A very good driving hole. The drive must be right of centre avoiding the group of bunkers on the left. However, your problems are not over yet as your second shot uphill must be accurate. This is one occasion when short of the pin is better as you are looking at three putts from the back of this green.

409 yds
400 yds
265 yds

Stroke index 7


13th - Temple

Par 4

Tip: check where pin is on 16th green (to your right). The drive should be aimed left of the two fairway bunkers. Don’t drive right as there is no way into the green. The second shot should be aimed just inside the Temple as the ball will kick to the left. If the pin is on the left-hand side be very wary with your putt – it’s not the first time someone has putted off this green.

426 yds
405 yds
385 yds

Stroke index 3


14th - High and Dry

Par 3

Shortest and probably the easiest par 3 on the course. Don’t be complacent though. Your tee shot has to be hit far enough to avoid the burn and the very deep bunkers at the front of this green. No trouble at the back.

150 yds
140 yds
113 yds

Stroke index 18


15th - Shade's

Par 4

Dog-leg right. Aim your tee shot left of the small tree at the top of the hill. Easiest approach is from the left side of the fairway where a short iron can set up one of the best birdie chances on the course.

325 yds
311 yds
288 yds

Stroke index 16


16th - Arthur's Seat

Par 4

One of the most difficult par 4’s. The drive must be straight as two big trees guard the green to the right and the left. These trees are 40 yards from the middle of the green so hit one extra club for your second.

386 yds
375 yds
290 yds

Stroke index 5


17th - Pond

Par 5

A definite birdie opportunity. Aim down the right hand side of the fairway to get a favourable bounce. In dry conditions this green is reachable in two. Your approach shot is longer than it looks.

500 yds
484 yds
459 yds

Stroke index 9


18th - R.D.B.M

Par 4

Named after the great Ronnie Shade. Just because he always made a three does not mean this is a push-over! From the medal tee your drive must be right of centre avoiding the groups of trees on the left. A good drive will leave a medium to short iron to a generous target. Try to ignore the burn as it is twenty yards short of the middle of the green.

356 yds
346 yds
337 yds

Stroke index 14