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Club Newsletter – 16th December 2014

Please note that this will be the last newsletter of the year. The next one will be issued on Tuesday 6th January. Have a great Xmas and New Year.

Presentation of Prizes Photos – these are now available for collection from the reception hallway. Can I please ask you to collect them as soon as you can. These copies are free of charge but if you would like any reprints then you can get them if you contact Amanda MacKinnon directly at mackinnon.photo@hotmail.co.uk They will cost you £10 each.

2015 AGM – this will be held on Thursday 22nd January starting promptly at 7pm.

If any member has an item that that they would like to formally propose at the AGM, then notification of this must be received in the office no later than Tuesday 23rd December to allow inclusion in the official paperwork. Any proposal must be proposed and seconded.

The AGM paperwork will be sent out between Christmas & New Year by e-mail, where we have an e-mail address for you or by post if we do not. The papers will also be available to view in the Members area of the DGC website. The Full accounts will not be posted out but will also be available to view in the Members area of the DGC website. Paper copies will be available in the reception hallway or on request from the office.

All Members are welcome to attend but only those that are “Members of the Company” are entitled to speak and vote. For the avoidance of doubt, the list of those that can and cannot vote are as below;

Those entitled to Vote;
Ordinary, Youth, Intermediate 1 & 2, 7 Day Retired, Honorary, Life Elected, Life Paid.

Those not entitled to Vote;
Spouse/partner, 5 Day, 5 Day Retired, Country, PGA, Temporary, Corporate, Junior 10/15 & 16/17, Social/NonPlaying.

New Year’s Day Golf – 18 entries already received, with a maximum of 40 being able to play. If you intend to play then please give your name to the professional shop ASAP.

2015 Inter-Club dates for your diary:

  • Junior – Swanston – Sat 26 / Sun 27 September – 2 rounds each day
  • Senior – Baberton – 17, 18, 20 & 21 August – Morning Times
  • Main – Murrayfield – Fri 21 – Sun 23 August. Friday times will commence around 2.00pm to allow for light.

Shoe Clear out at Duddingston – as you’ll all be aware, we had a clear out from the gent’s Locker room as few weeks ago to get rid of the ever increasing number of pairs of shoes that were lying around.

Four of our Juniors took the shoes, cleaned them up and sold them for £5 a pair for charity. They were taking part in the Mycro-Tyco challenge and made £1332 over the month of November – impressive since they only started off with £1!

They won the school competition so are very pleased with themselves! The money goes to the Wild Hearts charity. The members involved were Matthew Dodds, Oliver Dodds, Darragh Lang and Conan Murie. A fantastic achievement and a lot of hard work. Congratulations guys. We’re very proud of you.