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Temporary Local Rule - Preferred lies in Bunkers

Preferred Lies In Bunkers

For a short period effective from 14 August 2021 a preferred lies ruling in bunkers is being introduced due many players not using rakes to smooth out their area of shot and footprints. Bunker rakes are available however if players have concerns about use of bunker rakes and are not willing or able to self-sanitise after use of rake they may use an alternative means, e.g. a club, as was the practice for many years.

As Covid is also expected to be an issue for many years it may be that players not wishing to use communal bunker rakes may look to the alternative of acquiring a personal rake in the same way that many players have their own ball scoops. – John Ritchie, Greens Director.

Temporary Local Rule

Preferred Lies In Bunkers

A ball landing in a bunker may be lifted and placed, within 6 inches, not nearer the hole. The area of play to be smoothed following play.

Players are expected to smooth out footprints as they leave the bunker. 

Rakes are available for use but players may use an alternative means, e.g. a club, if there are continuing concerns in handling bunker rakes. 

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