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Pace of Play Policy

This Pace of Play Policy has been adopted to ensure competition rounds and visitors’ rounds are played in an appropriate interval of time to make golf more enjoyable for everyone, by:

  • ensuring players keep pace with the group ahead;
  • establishing 4 hours as the target time for a 4-player group to complete an 18-hole
       competition round;
  • introducing, educating and enforcing Ready Golf standards;
  • highlighting timesaving hints;
  • monitoring of play and enforcing R&A Rule 5.6

Pace of Play - Detailed Policy.

Catch Up: Regain your position on the Course which is immediately behind the Group in front.

Wave Through: If closing the gap is not achievable and it is obvious the group(s) immediately behind yours are in position, and waiting, then invite the next group to play through at an appropriate point in the course (EG; invite them to play past on the Tee you have ALL just driven from, or invite them to play onto the Green you are on, then putt out while the advancing group Tee off at the next hole)

Step Aside: If your Group has failed to perform Steps 1&2 the Group immediately behind are encouraged, with our blessing, to politely request to play into the clear space in front of your Group.

*No Group Size or Competition Status has precedence over this policy. As it states ‘If you can’t play fast enough to keep your place on the course, or another group can play faster than yours, let them past.

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